Swift action over ‘squalid’ backyard

CLEAN-UP ... the squalid backyard in Glen Street, Hebburn, has been tidied up.

CLEAN-UP ... the squalid backyard in Glen Street, Hebburn, has been tidied up.

SWIFT action has been taken to clean up one of the “grungiest” backyards in South Tyneside.

Residents raised the alarm after spotting a dead rat among piles of rubbish and abandoned furniture to the rear of a private flat, in Glen Street, Hebburn.

One local resident described the scene as “the grungiest backyard I’ve ever seen”.

The Gazette featured the filthy property on our front page as local councillors moved to tackle the unsightly mess.

Now, all the rubbish has been removed, following action by South Tyneside Council and a private contractor.

Coun Richard Porthouse, for Hebburn North ward, received several complaints about the dirty backyard.

He said: “Thankfully, there is now no squalor in the backyard in Glen Street. I would like to thank environmental health officer Alan Armstrong and his department, as well as the contractor, Newlife, for a good response in dealing with the problem in Glen Street.

“I am sure the residents will be happy with the way the problem was resolved. Landlords are ultimately responsible for their properties in regard to health and safety, whether it be their residents or neighbours.

“I am certain the council will be looking to regain any costs in the cleaning up of the backyard.

“We live in austere times, but everyone has to take responsibility for their rubbish and the responsibility disposing of it.”

The clean-up took place in Glen Street earlier this week.

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