Traffic signals get the green light

Traffic Lights, Sunderland Road with the junction of Grosvenor Road

Traffic Lights, Sunderland Road with the junction of Grosvenor Road

TRAFFIC signals at a busy junction are keeping delays “to a minimum”, according to a new survey.

The check was carried out at the the junction of Sunderland Road and Grosvenor Road after the submission of a petition that raised concerns at the high level of traffic in the largely-pedestrianised area near South Tyneside College.

But members of the council’s Riverside community forum will be told next week that the signals are working well and that any change could result in traffic delays.

The junction is operated by a computerised controller, and on each approach to the junction there are detectors linked to the controller that access the traffic flow.

From this information, the controller varies the length of the green light time given to traffic to maximise vehicle flow. The survey revealed that the traffic signal timings “are still appropriate and offer the best balance of keeping all traffic moving without due delay”.

In a report to the committee, David Cramond, the council’s corporate director for economic regeneration, says: “As queues start to build up, the longer green times operate to reduce any delays to a minimum.

“Any changes to extend these timings, to facilitate more vehicles through a particular leg of the junction, would result in other approaches experiencing a delayed start up.

“This could lead to increased queues on that approach and the possibility that motorists may be tempted to seek alternative routes, possibly through less appropriate residential areas.”

Members of the Riverside community forum are to meet in the committee suite at South Shields Town Hall from 6pm on Wednesday.





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