VIDEO: Family’s lucky escape as home hit by lightning

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A FAMILY had a lucky escape this morning when their home was struck by lightning as torrential rain hit South Tyneside.

The lightning bolt struck a semi-detached house in Dahlia Way, off Mountbatten Avenue, Hebburn, at around 9am.

Residents heard “a massive bang” and saw a big cloud of smoke as the property was hit.

Fire services attended after lightning smashed a bedroom window and damaged part of the guttering and roof at the house.

The elderly female occupant, who didn’t wish to be identified, said: “Everyone is OK, but all my power went off and the lightning smashed the secondary glazing in the upstairs window.”

Neighbour William Hardy, 75, said: “I was just sitting on the bed, getting ready, when the lightning hit.

“I heard this massive bang and then saw the smoke rising in a big cloud.

“The lightning hit the roof of the house and seemed to have caused a fair amount of damage.

“There was a terrific noise, but thankfully no one was hurt.

“Three fire engines and I believe an ambulance turned up very quickly.”

These pictures were taken by Gazette reader Darren James.

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