Metro passenger’s arm trapped in train door

INQUIRY ... after a passenger's arm was trapped in a Metro train door.
INQUIRY ... after a passenger's arm was trapped in a Metro train door.

A PROBE has been launched after a passenger’s arm was trapped in a train door at a South Tyneside Metro station.

The incident took place at Jarrow station on the morning of Thursday, April 12, as the train pulled away from the platform at 9.55am.

The passenger – it is not known if they are male or female – tried to board the train as the doors were closing.

But their arm became trapped between the doors as the train was beginning to move off.

For a few seconds, the person was forced to move with the carriage.

But they were then able to free themselves before falling on to the platform.

Passengers inside the moving carriages had pushed the emergency button and the train stopped.

A spokesman for Nexus labelled it an ‘isolated’ incident.

But the independent Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) is probing what happened.

It wants the person who was trapped, who left the scene, to come forward.

Richard McClean, managing director of DB Tyne and Wear, which operates trains on behalf of Nexus, said: “Initial findings are that the circumstances leading to the incident are unlikely to occur again.

“Metro has an exceptional safety record of which all involved in running the Metro work hard to maintain.

“We are working with Her Majesty’s Rail Inspectorate and the RAIB to see what can be further improved as a result of the incident.

“DBTW carry out regular and robust checks every four weeks on this aspect of Metrocars.

“This is as part of a programme of safety controls.”