Mixed reception for anti-flooding work

MIXED VIEWS ... Wuppertal Court residents Harry Thorne, left,  and John Drynan
MIXED VIEWS ... Wuppertal Court residents Harry Thorne, left, and John Drynan

THE work at Wuppertal Court has been given a mixed reaction by residents.

John Drynan, who has lived on the estate since it was built nearly 40 years ago, said: “I’m really happy that something is being done.

“When the street was first hit, about seven or eight years ago, nothing was done.

“Work has already started and they’ve been putting new gullies in.”

The 63-year-old retired shipyard worker, added: “The last time it flooded, I was affected.

“Luckily I was home at the time, or it could have been a lot worse.

“The water was rushing in at the back door, so I just opened the front door to let it out. If I’d been out, I could have come home to about a foot of water.

“I’m happy that the council are doing something now. I’ll feel like my home is a lot more secure.”

But fellow resident Harry Thorne thinks the scheme is “too little, too late”.

The 69-year-old grandfather-of-four said: “The council has been doing some work, but a lot more is needed. It’s hard to tell whether the floods were actually caused by the weather or the drains.

“You can see that they’re overflowing a lot of the time.

“A lot more needs to be done and everybody knows that.”

Mr Thorne, a retired security guard, saw his garden flooded. He added: “The water came right up to my front door but it didn’t come in.

“The houses on either side of us were flooded.

“A lot of people in the street have been told that their homes are uninsurable now.

“I’ve been lucky.

“I’ve been insured for a lot of years and never claimed, but a different company asked me to switch to them a while ago and when I told them about the floods, they said they wouldn’t insure my house.

“It’s a bad state of affairs when you can’t even insure your house.”