Motorist feels ‘screwed over’ after punctures

REPLACEMENTS ... Steve Wilson has had to buy two new tyres.

REPLACEMENTS ... Steve Wilson has had to buy two new tyres.

AN angry motorist in South Tyneside says he’s had to shell out £180 in two weeks for replacement tyres because of untidy council workmen.

Steve Wilson claims he has twice run over stray screws that have wrecked his tyres, and he blames the damage on workers from South Tyneside Homes who are upgrading houses in the area.

The 49-year-old, of Fife Avenue, on the Scotch Estate, Jarrow, has had to pay £90 each to have his tyres replaced.

South Tyneside Homes says the area is checked daily for building site debris.

Father-of-four Mr Wilson, a stallholder at South Shields market, said: “I got the first flat tyre on August 30, and I couldn’t believe it because I’d only had the car a few weeks.

“I just put it down to a bad experience and didn’t think about it too much. But then, on Wednesday, I came out to take the kids to school and saw there was a screw in one of the tyres.

“There’s been workers from South Tyneside Homes on the estate and there’s screws and other bits lying all over the place. I’ve had to pay £90 twice to get new tyres because the workers haven’t cleaned up after themselves properly.

“You wouldn’t go into someone’s house and leave screws lying all over the floor, so it shouldn’t be any different when they’re working outside.

“I’ve had no choice but to get new tyres because I need the car to take the kids to school, but it’s cost me a lot of money. Times are hard and people don’t necessarily have the money to replace tyres because they’ve run over a screw that’s been left in the road by workers – especially not twice in two weeks.

“I’ve had to put it on my credit card, because I didn’t have the money.”

Brian Scott, director of housing, finance and business support for South Tyneside Homes, said: “We are sorry to hear of the inconvenience and expense that Mr Wilson has experienced regarding tyre punctures.

“We can confirm that our property services operatives have been doing Decent Homes modernisations on the estate, but we obviously cannot verify or deny that the screws which caused the punctures were from these works.

“We can confirm, however, that the works on this site have been awarded considerate constructors status, and all reasonable and practicable steps have been taken, including daily checks, to ensure site safety and thatthe work areas were cleared of debris.

“We shall continue to maintain as high a standard as possible in all future works.”

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