MPs’ expenses: They ‘beggar belief’ says opposition leader

GEORGE ELSOM ... angry at claims for trivial amounts.

GEORGE ELSOM ... angry at claims for trivial amounts.

THE leader of the political opposition on South Tyneside Council today claimed the business and expenses’ costs claimed by South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck “beggared belief”.

Coun George Elsom was particularly angry at claims for as little as 5p for pencil sharpeners and paperclips.

The independent for Cleadon Park in South Shields believes the claims prove the MP is “out of touch with ordinary people”.

He said: “I am appalled and disgusted someone who claims to represent ordinary people can act in such a manner as Emma Lewell-Buck has.

“In six months, she has claimed more than £23,000.

“To put in claims such as 5p for a pencil sharpener, 5p for a large paper clip, 10p for a staple extractor, 13p for scissors, 19p for sticky tac, and other numerous claims for items under £1, beggars’ belief. She has claimed less than £1 on more than 20 occasions for using her own car in travelling around South Shields.

“Her claims for phones is more than £700, a vacuum cleaner is £190.28, and £145.50 for a TV licence.

“She has also claimed almost £1,200 for staff training.

“I suppose she must be hard-up trying to manage on £1,320 per week.

“It is no wonder the public hold politicians in low esteem and want nothing to do with politics.

“Ordinary workers have to pay to go to and from work and for all everyday expenses they incur.”


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