‘Mr Monkey’ case is still ongoing

STAFF UNPAID ... South Tyneside Council.
STAFF UNPAID ... South Tyneside Council.

EX-councillor Ahmed Khan is still embroiled in long-running legal action aimed at tracking down those behind the controversial Mr Monkey blog.

South Tyneside Council has pledged to pursue him for more than £60,000 in court costs after Mr Khan’s unsuccessful challenge in the US courts to halt a Town Hall hunt for the notorious blogger, who posted defamatory statements about local politicians and town hall officials.

San Mateo County Court in California dismissed his anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation) motion in 2011, describing it as “frivolous”.

A subsequent appeal was rejected and, in September last year, a court costs order of $97,475 was made against Mr Khan – the equivalent of £60,648.

Mr Khan, who believes the council will need a UK court judgement to enforce the costs in the UK, says he has not paid any of the money.

And he claims the council has “wasted public money” by pursuing the case.

No one from South Tyneside Council was available to comment on the ongoing case,