New cafe is cool for cats - and the folk who like them

FURRY FRIENDS ... Maria Harrison at Willow Cat Adoption Centre's new cat cafe.

FURRY FRIENDS ... Maria Harrison at Willow Cat Adoption Centre's new cat cafe.

A CAT lovers’ purrfect paradise is opening in South Shields.

Willow Cat Adoption Centre in Wantage Street, is opening its doors to give all those with a feline fancy the time to bond with some furry friends.

The idea for the cat café, where visitors can enjoy a hot drink and slice of cake with between 10 and 14 moggies, came after centre boss Maria Harrison heard about the success of similar ventures in cities such as London and Tokyo.

“There are a lot of people who perhaps don’t have a cat of their own and absolutely adore them,” she said.

“And they are supporting us by coming along. Ideally, it will lead to more cats being adopted, and a lot of people who come along might end up being volunteers.”

The centre, which opened four years ago, has just had a revamp, which Maria said gave her the idea to open the café.

People wanting to get some kitten with their coffee will have to book ahead of their visit when the café opens on a Monday.

Maria said the idea for the café has received “a lot of encouragement and interest” so far.

“We have a beautiful little cattery, and are very proud of it,” she said.

“But we don’t feel like we are doing as much as we can to promote it.

“A lot of people in South Shields don’t even know we are here, so we thought this might be a chance to build up some friendships and just get the name out there.”

To book a visit to the café, which will be open between 11am and 3pm on Mondays, or to book an adoption visit, call 07719 605 383.

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