New order for bike Asbo boy

A TEENAGE tearaway has been hauled before the courts yet again after breaching conditions of an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo).

The 13-year-old made headlines all over the country earlier this year, when a youth court banned him from riding his bike after committing numerous offences on it.

As part of the Asbo, he was also not allowed to see his "considerably older and bigger" best friends, who police say encouraged him into committing criminal activity.

But the boy was arrested days after the order was made, when officers saw him with a known accomplice.

The teenager denied breaching his Asbo, but he was found guilty following a trial last month.

At South Tyneside Youth Court yesterday, magistrates sentenced him to a strict three-month supervision order, which requires him to be closely monitored by the Youth Offending Service.

Chairman of the Bench David Errington told him: "Please take this chance, and keep out of trouble."

The young offender, who is barely 4ft tall, has racked up countless court appearances since the age of 10.

He has convictions for assault, theft, handling stolen goods and riding in a stolen vehicle.

He was given an Asbo at South Tyneside Youth Court in March, because of his extensive criminal record.

The boy successfully appealed against the original terms of the Asbo, which prevented him from riding his bike, after his solicitor Paul Kennedy said it was "unfair" to prevent someone so young from riding a pedal cycle.

Judge Jeremy Freedman ruled that the condition "infringed his human rights".

Police say the order was imposed to prevent him from committing further offences.

The two-year court order also prevents him from leaving his house between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

The boy's mother was left with a 1,000 court bill because of her son's crime spree.

Mr Kennedy told magistrates yesterday that the boy's offences are "not serious".

He said: "He has this reputation of being a troublemaker and being in court all the time, but when you look at his offending in the last eight months it really isn't at the serious end of the scale.

"Take this one, for example. He was seen with a friend who he is not allowed to see because of the Asbo.

"If it was not for the Asbo, he would not have even committed an offence at all."