No fine for traffic warden who parked in disabled bay

ANGER ... the car at the centre of the row photographed in a disabled bay.

ANGER ... the car at the centre of the row photographed in a disabled bay.

A TRAFFIC warden in South Tyneside who is claimed to have parked his car in a disabled bay will not face a fine.

A Gazette reader said he spotted a Euro Carpark worker drive into the car park in Saville Street, South Shields, but, instead of parking in one of a number of empty spots, he used one of the disabled bays nearest to South Shields Central Library.

The motorist, who does not wish to be named, said: “He circled the car park and passed several empty bays before parking in the disabled spot.

“I was rather surprised to see he had a Euro Carpark uniform on as he walked over to the cabin to chat to another worker.

“I think this is an outrageous abuse of authority by a person responsible for parking enforcement.”

The driver says he questioned the employee about his actions and was told “whatever”.

He wrote a formal complaint to the company about the incident, which happened last month.

He said: “When I called the office, the woman did not ask me the time of the incident, or for a description of the operative.

“When I offered her the registration number, she stated that she did not need it, as a penalty charge could not be retrospectively applied.”

He added: “But, I believe that she had missed the point. The identity of the man would need to be established in order that the matter could be pursued.”

In a later e-mail exchange, the company revealed it will be ‘following process and ensuring that this situation will not occur again’.

The motorist added: “These spots are meant for people with disabilities, yet employees are parking there.

“If a normal member of the public had done this, I am sure they would have been penalised.”

A spokeswoman for Euro Carpark declined to comment on the matter.

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