Aliens invade our airwaves

ON THE AIR ... Mike is the new UK news correspondent for Ufonaut Radio.
ON THE AIR ... Mike is the new UK news correspondent for Ufonaut Radio.

JESSE Randolph is the man behind Ufonaut Radio, one of the US’s most radical media when it comes to spilling the beans on all different aspects of the UFO enigma.

I was recently hired as the UK news correspondent for Ufonaut Radio, and do a weekly newscast, which is a great challenge.

Hence, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to interview Jesse and ask him what brought him to the heart of the UFO mystery.

He told me: “I was born and raised in New York and left home for Los Angeles at 18.

“I worked for internet studios during my 20s and wound up at Yahoo for a long stint. Technology became a drug, and I wanted to leverage it any way I could.”

Me: What precipitated your interest in UFOs?

Jesse: “It’s blatantly obvious that governments around the world have lied to cover up their existence.

“The fear emitted by politicians and the wealthy regarding extraterrestrials is proof plenty that they don’t want this topic discussed openly.”

Me: Have you had a UFO experience yourself?

Jesse: “Yes. I used to hang out in the back of Edwards Air Force Base and China Lake. I’ve seen plenty of strange stuff.”

Me: How did Ufonaut Radio come about?

Jesse: “I was in India working for Yahoo and became ill. Back in the States I discovered I had cancer and needed surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

“Things looked grim. Situations like this make you re-evaluate how you want to leave your mark in life. I wanted to start a ‘New Guard’ or fringe element to Ufology that would be more aggressive towards change.”

Me: Can you recall one interesting person you’ve interviewed?

Jesse: “My regular favourite is Stan Friedman. I can’t think of a better messenger for the cause.

“With the amount of garbage within the subject, he continues to give us an element of credibility within the mainstream.

“I also love Don Schmidt and the work he’s done with deathbed confessionals (where high-ranking military and political officials have finally admitted they’ve seen evidence of extraterrestrial visitation just before they die).

“Think about it; your last breath and you’re gonna make up a hoax like that? I don’t think so ...”

Me: What’s happening with Ufonaut Radio just now?

Jesse: “We’ve decided to move the show to Phoenix KFNX 1100AM as our flagship station every Sunday night at 9pm Pacific Standard Time.

“We decided that Phoenix was much more UFO-friendly and provides an intelligent audience for the subject matter. We’re also really growing abroad, which is awesome.

“Our Australian and UK audiences are really supportive. We will continue to market to our friends in Europe.

“Our YouTube presence has only just begun, but we are really gaining momentum. I can say with pride that we are doing something with radio and YouTube convergence that Coast to Coast and other shows within the genre aren’t even close to competing with.

“This will expand this year and really open some doors.”

Me: Finally, what’s it like having an English guy read the news?

Jesse: “We’d interviewed people in the States, but you got it and we definitely made the right choice in my opinion. When people hear your voice they really pay attention.

“It’s all about doing things a bit differently, which is what the New Guard is all about.

“Ufology can get complacent because it’s a difficult subject to excel in. We are looking to change it whenever possible.”

So then, if there really has been a cover-up by the world’s governments to hide the truth from us – that we truly have been visited by extraterrestrials – then Jesse Randolph and Ufonaut Radio won’t rest until we all know about it.

And now for the news ...

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