Kim was an alien abductee

KIM Carlsberg is a renowned commercial photographer whose career in the entertainment industries has covered working in film and on TV series such as BayWatch, as well as privately photographing rock stars, celebrities and presidents.

At the pinnacle of her career, you'd hardly imagine that Kim would want – or need – an extra added dimension to her life to enhance what she already possesses.

The truth is, however, that Kim Carlsberg is a truly extraordinary person for other reasons than her ability to capture the perfect moment. Kim Carlsberg is an alien abductee.

For those of you who don't know, alien abductees are people who claim to have been forcibly taken aboard alien spacecraft, and subjected to all manner of experiments. Currently, the number of professed abductees is believed to run into millions.

Now it would be easy to dismiss such claims as clap-trap, and many skeptics do; however, Kim Carlsberg lifts herself above such criticism and openly admits that she has not only been abducted, but has several hybrid alien/human children.

The aliens who have utilized Kim for their agenda – more of this later –are the typical almond-eyed "Grays" so often described by witnesses.

Why on Earth would aliens want to abduct humans and force them into what is, essentially, a breeding program?

"I have been told by the aliens that, 'It is time to save Mother Earth from her inhabitants', and I don't think they were talking about the plant and animal kingdoms. They were talking about us.

"It sounds to me like they intend to integrate the hybrids into our world to help save it. I think the Grays have been here forever and this is just one more upgrade similar to when the Neanderthal and Human existed at the same time. A quantum leap in evolution is needed for our planet to survive".

Kim has already written one book about her abduction experience; Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee (Bear & Co., 1995). Now she has put together an anthology of other peoples' contact experiences in a new book entitled, The Art of Close Encounters.

Even by her own standards this is an unusual book, for it contains artwork by fellow experiencers in which they try to help others visualize their encounters. The pictures are simply mind-blowing.

"I wrote this book for the same reasons I wrote my first book. I want it to validate contact experiences for people who are out there feeling alone in the world", says Kim. "I want it to be a vehicle for experiences to share with friends and family members who don't believe, or who are sitting on the fence".

There are more than 150 illustrated close encounter accounts in Kim's book.

"I made the book visual like my first book so it wouldn't be a heavy read, because most people are too busy and have short attention spans with all of the media we have thrown at us."

The book is visually stunning; it will get anyone's attention who sees it. It can be read one story at a time, then returned to without losing your place because each story is one double-page spread. Every turn of the page brings you a new experience".

Does Kim ever believe she'll see her hybrid children again?

"It's cruel for the Grays to impregnate us and steal our children away, but they are creating beautiful, conscious, intelligent hybrid children for a good reason. They are taking the best of many species and creating races that will probably have more sense than to destroy the planet that sustains them".

The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Carlsberg, a 352-page coffee table book, is available for 18.82 exclusively through her website. Find out more and purchase the book at