Benefits Expert: Applying for Income Support

Q. My partner had a serious accident last month and needs assistance. She has applied for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), but we know she can’t be paid until 3 months after the accident. I am on Jobseeker’s Allowance, but I can’t look for work as much as I should as I need to help her, but I am worried that my claim will be sanctioned.

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Graham takes part in one of his own boot camps.

Shaping Up: If you’ve fallen back in the winter, it’s time to spring forward

If you haven’t met your weight loss or fitness targets over the winter months, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Would you know the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Would you recognise the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women, with 7,000 cases diagnosed every year.

Head-lice are horrible - but can the treatments be harmful to children?

Family life: Can head-lice products harm children?

Q: I’ve read that a French study has shown some pesticide-based head-lice products could lead to behavioural problems in children.

A carbon monoxide alarm could save the lives of your family. Pic:PA/thinkstockphotos.

The cheap safety device which could save your family's life

British parents spend hundreds of pounds on safety features to protect their children - yet new research reveals a third of them fail to invest in a cheap device that could save their child’s life.

Finding the right footwear is important for your feet.

Steps to success: How runners can avoid injury while training

It's the time of year when many amateur runners are taking to the streets in training for marathons and half-marathons.

You might be able to claim a refund if your flight is delayed. Pic: PA.

James Walker: What you can do when airlines let you down

Flight delays can be caused by lots of problems – anything from sudden snowstorms, foggy mornings or even the occasional disobedient volcano.

People inspect a house destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes in Sanaa, Yemen.

Emma Lewell-Buck: Government duty to step up over Yemen

Last week I met with some members of our Yemeni community at the Al-Azhar Mosque to discuss the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. I came away from this powerful and emotive meeting with one clear message, no matter what side of the conflict people supported or identified with they were all united in wanting peace and for the fighting to stop.

Websites can generate different prices for goods or services, depending on where your IP address reveals you are based.

Alex Neill: Are you paying too much for your online buys?

No one likes to be feel as if they’re being discriminated against.
Isaac back from skiing

Richard Ord: Smells like teen spirit, or their underpants!

“If you could travel back in time and be any age you wanted,” my 16-year-old son asked, “what age would you choose?”

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Legal Eagle: Restricting access to justice

Legal Eagle: Restricting access to justice

In June 2015 the Department of Health announced that it proposed via the Ministry of Justice to bring in a “fixed recoverable costs” regime for clinical negligence cases.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Make social media work for you

Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Make social media work for you

It’s been a busy one on the social media front this week, as I’ve been out and about delivering my social media workshop to businesses in the region.

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You could be due a payout if you were mis-sold PPI.

Martin Lewis: Why it’s worth checking if you were mis-sold PPI

The UK’s biggest ever financial scam wasn’t done by dodgy blokes in back alleys, but by bankers in pin stripe.

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Are clubcards worth having?

Alex Neil: Are loyalty cards worth having?

Nectar, Clubcard, Advantage Card, Bonus Card - our purses and wallets are full of plastic cards promising us all sorts of offers and goodies should we spend enough in store and collect the points.

A melon, cucumber and lime smoothie.

Shaping Up: Five ways you can increase your fruit and veg intake

Fruit and veg is a hot topic in the health and fitness world at the moment.

Graham takes part in one of his own boot camps.

Shaping Up: Try this workout to get fit in seven days

Try this seven-day challenge to improve your fitness quickly …

AGM winner, runner bean Lady Di.

Gardening: World of opportunity with seeds to select

The Plant World Seeds offers have always been really popular – two free seed packets with my exclusive voucher code.

LEGAL EAGLE: Refusing to take a breath test

LEGAL EAGLE: Refusing to take a breath test

I was driving home last weekend after a night out with friends and got stopped by the police. They said I was speeding and asked me to take a breath test. I hadn’t been speeding and didn’t want to do it. I was then arrested and taken to the police station where I was told to give another breath test. I refused to do it, I was angry at having been arrested and I hadn’t been speeding. I have been charged and have to go to court. I have been told I will lose my licence. I had only had one bottle of beer earlier in the evening, I don’t see why I should have to do a breath test.

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Chancellor Philip Hammond

Stephen Hepburn: Tories caught out over Budget cuts

Scratch a Tory and you’ll always find a tax raiser, not a cutter.Theresa May and Philip Hammond are the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ of British politics after they were rumbled in the Budget.

Millionaire journalist Jeremy Clarkson. Less oxy, moron.

Richard Ord: The friendly ‘modified’ face of newspapers

Considering a career in journalism? Well I’m the go-to man.

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