RICHARD ORD: Goodbye Heroin Chic, hello Cocoa Chic

My 16-year-old son looked me up and down. “Dad, you look like such a ... a ...” he struggled for the right word. Then it came to him. “You look such a dad.”

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Teresa May should be judged on her actions not her words.

STEPHEN HEPBURN: We deserve better than this Tory mess

Theresa May is as convincing as Honey G at the opera or ballet.

Binge-drinkers are causing problems for the NHS.

Is safety or money at the heart of ambulance meal break controversy?

The more we’re told something’s not about the money, the more we can’t help but think it’s all about the money.

Theresa May reveals Brexit plan

PM urges Leavers and Remainers to unite for a Brexit success ... and pigs might fly

Sometimes it feels that the more we’re told, the less we know.

LEGAL EAGLE: Why you must comply with a domestic violence protection notice

LEGAL EAGLE: Why you must comply with a domestic violence protection notice

Q. At Christmas my girlfriend called the police when she was drunk and said I had assaulted her.

Weight training.

SHAPING UP: Five habits for rapid weight loss

The best kind of fat loss is steady fat loss. And while a slow-and-steady approach to weight loss will ensure that you keep the weight off for good, I have a few tricks to help you burn fat as fast as possible.

My laden Red Falstaff apple tree in October.

GARDENING: Don’t prune your fruit trees in the wind or snow

Last season was a great year for apples – make sure this year is by winter pruning your apple and pear trees – but only if it’s not windy or snowing!

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Prime Minister Theresa May

EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: Empty promises by PM on NHS funding

This week, Theresa May made a personal commitment to transform mental health support in the NHS but, like David Cameron before her, such promises are empty ones when viewed in the light of a record of failure.

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A giant metal soldier towering just under six metres, made from scrap metal by blacksmith Martin Galbavy, for a private client to commemorate the First World War. Picture PA Wire

RICHARD ORD: How to get around the litter of the law

I’ve had less grief for missing a wedding anniversary than I have for missing bin collection day.

LEGAL EAGLE: The housing matters still covered by legal aid funding

LEGAL EAGLE: The housing matters still covered by legal aid funding

In 2012 a new law meant there were changes to the types of housing matters that legal advisors could assist clients with while being funded under legal aid.

Get fit in 2017.

SHAPING UP: Five tips on how to get a flat stomach in 2017

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are over now and a lot of people have set themselves fitness targets for 2017.

Gym equipment.

SHAPING UP: Five easily fixed workout mistakes

Stroll through any gym and you’ll notice many mistakes. Mistakes that waste time. Mistakes that put people in danger. And mistakes that are just plain crazy.

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We need to build more homes to help tackle homelessness.

STEPHEN HEPBURN: Let 2017 bring an end to homelessness

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year.

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One lump or 22? War is declared on sugar lumps in 2017.

RICHARD ORD: No sweet start to New Year - official

Reviews of 2016 have been banned. Apparently nothing good happened.

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A time lapse of a red amaryllis opening.

GARDENING: Treat your Amaryllis like precious pot plant

I’ve had a bit of a take-it-or-leave-it attitude to Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) over the years – mainly due the very poor, gift-wrapped specimens that get trotted out in supermarkets and department stores at this time of year.

A family break-up.

LEGAL EAGLE: Family split leads to negotiation

My partner and I split up around seven months ago and we have two children. When we split up my partner decided that she would take the children to live with her and I reluctantly agreed because I thought it would be better for them to be with their Mam. Our relationship could be quite volatile and once during an argument my partner pushed me and I hit my head on a cupboard. I tried to arrange regular contact with the children every weekend as I work during the week. Sometimes my partner lets me see the children but she can be very fickle and only arranges contact when she feels like it. She texts me at the last minute cancelling contact, and I haven’t had contact with the children now for a month because she has continually cancelled on me. I am desperate to see the children. What can I do about this and can I get legal aid?

Travellers stranded by rail strikes.

EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: A poor year for politics, at home and abroad

Recently I got asked in an interview ‘What’s been your political highlight of 2016?’.

LEGAL EAGLE: Being detained against my will

LEGAL EAGLE: Being detained against my will

I have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and now I am being kept in hospital against my will. Two doctors and a social worker turned up at my house and asked me a load of questions. They said they thought I needed help for my mental health but I told them there was nothing wrong with me. They would not listen to me and they brought me to hospital anyway. They said something about me being here for 28 days. Now that I am in hospital they are talking about giving me medication that I do not want. They say if I am not happy about being here I should have a tribunal but I am not sure whether to trust what they say. What should I do?

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Holly berries.

GARDENING: Holly, ivy and mistletoe aren’t the only Christmas plants

There are many plants that symbolise Christmas - holly, mistletoe and ivy being the obvious ones - but look much wider and you’ll find a host of others associated with the festive season worldwide.

Ed Balls

STEPHEN HEPBURN: 2016 was a strange year for the voters

Strictly speaking my old friend Ed Balls didn’t waltz off with the glitter ball from this year’s BBC dance competition but Labour’s Gangnam Style former Children’s Secretary was the show’s big winner.

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