GARDENING: It makes economic sense to grown your own cherry tomatoes

Small and perfectly formed are the watchwords for this year’s tomatoes – all cherry varieties and in a host of bright colours, some old, some new.


EMMA LEWELL-BUCK, MP: We must fight for our female veterans

Serving your country is an honour and I think we are all in agreement that when our brave servicemen leave the forces they should be looked after and supported.

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Right on? Civil partnership campaigners have their day in court.

RICHARD ORD: Dog dirt delivers another fine mess

Anyone who tells you throwing money at a problem is not the answer to a problem, obviously hasn’t had kids.

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LEGAL EAGLE: Drinking after a road accident

LEGAL EAGLE: Drinking after a road accident

I was a driver involved in a road traffic collision. Before the Police arrived and to help calm my nerves I drank alcohol after the accident. The Police have now arrested me for and charged me with an offence of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Do I have a defence?

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A dog is treated by RSPCA staff after it was rescued from the puppy farm run by a man who was jailed for six months for animal cruelty offences.

We are tougher on litter louts than we are on those who abuse animals - it’s time to change

We like to think of ourselves as a nation of animal lovers, but the RSPCA’s cruelty statistics often tell a very different story.

Sugar in food and soft drinks can cause obesity and diabetes.

SHAPING UP: The dangers of sugar addiction

I’ve started watching a new TV series this week ... Lucky Man.

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The flower of salmonberry Pacific Rose. Picture by Lubera

GARDENING: Salmonberry fruit is ideal in small gardens

The oddly-named salmonberry is a brilliant way for those with small gardens to grow a decent fruit crop while not compromising on flowers and good looks.

No justification for the big energy price rises

STEPHEN HEPBURN: We must regulate energy companies

Here we go again with the Big Six energy companies putting up prices by eye-watering amounts.

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Decision makers must take reasonable steps to find out peoples views.

LEGAL EAGLE: What are ‘best interests’ in dementia decisions?

My elderly mother has dementia and has been assessed by social services as lacking capacity to make a decision about where she lives. I am told that a decision will be made in her ‘best interests’. What does this mean?

Marigold Indian Kushi. Picture by Suttons

GARDENING: There’s an Indian feel to this year’s marigolds

You’re going to find marigolds everywhere this year – not in the hideous, ’70s-style bedding rows with lobelia and alyssum, but think more tropical, Indian garland style.

The regions hospitals face big funding cuts.

EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: Stand up and fight cuts to health service

Last Saturday I was joined by hundreds of people and other MPs when I spoke at a march and rally in support of our National Health Service in Newcastle.

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So sue me! An embarrassing photo of Isaac from the archives.

RICHARD ORD: Fight for the right to embarrass offspring

Our Isaac, 13, was sitting in the front room with his pal Henry watching TV. Perfect, I thought, his guard is down.

Breach of a Non Molestation Order is an arrestable criminal offence.

LEGAL EAGLE: How to apply for an injunction

My ex-partner and I separated 18 months ago. At first, the break up was amicable. However, I began a new relationship six months ago and my ex-partner has started to harass me. Initially I received threatening phone calls but he follows me to work in his car and he has been found hiding in my garden watching my house. He has even been to my work place and asked to speak to me. I’m terrified of what he will do next. I rang the police but no further action was taken. Can I take him to Court?

Sunderland players (left to right) Darron Gibson, John O'Shea, Bryan Oviedo and Joleon Lescott. Picture by FRANK REID

A face to face dressing down from a fan didn’t do Kevin Ball any harm - Sunderland’s players could do with more of the same

When Kevin Ball first arrived in Sunderland he was, he is fond of retelling, given a dressing down on his performance from an irate fan in a Chinese takeaway.

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George Osborne

STEPHEN HEPBURN: Our OAPs deserve a much better deal

Experience and enthusiasm are the best combination in life and I saw it in spades on South Tyneside.

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James Dean

RICHARD ORD: Rebel without a pair of sensible trousers

I noticed my son heading off to school in a pair of unflattering shorts the other day.

Fresh fruit and vegetables.

SHAPING UP: Fail to prepare and prepare to fail ...

Eating well does NOT happen by accident. It takes a little preparation to set yourself up for success.

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LEGAL EAGLE: Legal Aid unlikely for inquest

LEGAL EAGLE: Legal Aid unlikely for inquest

My grandmother was in hospital recovering from heart surgery. She seemed to be doing very well and we thought she was going to come out of hospital fairly soon. She had a good response to the operation. She then deteriorated very suddenly and sadly died. We have not really been told why there was such a change but we have been told that there is going to be an inquest. We are not really sure what this means and whether we need help from a solicitor. We are concerned about how we would pay for a solicitor to handle this for us.

Sticks of rhubarb.

GARDENING: Prepare to be patient when growing rhubarb

Greed is not good when it comes to rhubarb – you need a little patience.

Prime Minister Theresa May.

EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: PM must allow proper scrutiny of EU exit

Many constituents have contacted me expressing their concerns over the triggering of Article 50 following the referendum result and how important it is that the Government fights for an agreement that prioritises jobs, the economy and living standards for our citizens.

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