It’s normal to feel so tired

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MY phone has been going crazy all week. My six-week before/after girls have started their diet plan and training with me at Monkton Stadium.

Their bodies are stiff and aching, a few have headaches and some are feeling tired and a little drained.

All this is normal when starting a strict fitness and healthy diet plan.

It’s all positive, though, as their bodies adjust and start changing for the better. They are about to feel fantastic in a few days.

Their training consists of resistance training in the form of kettlebells, medicine balls, weights and their own body weight mixed with interval cardio training like running, skipping, steps etc.

We have even incorporated snow as a weight by racing snowmen up the hill. It was hilarious but great to see 50 grown women playing in the snow.

The one thing that seems to come to light within the first few days of the plan is the fact that women with children can’t stop eating their children’s leftovers – what’s that all about?!

You seriously need to stop doing this.

Best tip: squeeze loads of tomato ketchup over the top.

Another fact that soon comes to light is that most women treat their evening meal as an occasion or event in their day.

They tend to eat more as well as add a starter and/or dessert. A glass of wine also gets thrown in as it’s an ‘occasion’ and the highlight of their day!

It’s just food. It’s just fuel. Fuel to train, fuel to function, and fuel to burn more fat.

This doesn’t mean you need to sit in the cupboard and eat on your own.

It means you may need to cook slightly different meals for your children and partner.

You need dedication and support from your family to achieve the best possible results.

I’ve just asked my girls for a three-day diary to see how they have adjusted and to try their jeans on which are two sizes too small.

Tune in to next week to see if my girls have managed to squeeze into their jeans after just two weeks.