Stop learning at your peril!

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BEING in business and living the life of an entrepreneur at any age is a true roller-coaster journey, there’s no denying that.

However, one thing that is seeing so many previously successful businesses fall by the waste side in this economy is the fact that the founder stops learning and staying ahead of the game.

We have so many fantastic people in this country, from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether you’ve been to university or dropped out of school at 16, the fact is to be successful long-term, you can never stop learning.

Having a hunger and an unrivalled enthusiasm for your product or service is essential, yet more and more I meet people who are lacklustre.

Don’t be afraid to change things to reignite the original passion you had when you started out, or delegate to someone who you know is genuinely excited about what you do.

People do business with other people and now, more than ever, we need to be on the ball to secure that next sale or that next potential client.

It’s time to be clinical, it’s time to get up, learn something new and energise your business to defy this gloomy ‘image’ of the economy.

One top tip given to me recently was “If it doesn’t sell one more car, don’t do it” - a quote which can be applied to anything.

I thoroughly agree with this, and I’m applying to my own business, GR Marketing.

This does not mean however that you focus solely on sales. It means if what you’re doing, i.e. the marketing or PR isn’t cost effective and isn’t going to lead to a sale, then is it worth doing?

We need to choose carefully - once again, be clinical.

One positive thing I’ve noticed with many young budding entrepreneurs and students is that they show passion and enthusiasm beyond belief. They’re eager to learn and want to succeed.

The next business generation is coming, and at a furious pace.

Let us learn as young entrepreneurs the lessons from the wisest entrepreneurs and from their mistakes, while at the same time, revitalising and breathing fresh air into what can sometimes be businesses and people simply ‘stuck in their old ways’.

Finally, I finish with an incredible opportunity for young creative people wanting to gain experience within creative industries.

Whether you want to set up a creative business or work within a creative company, this is most definitely worth a look:

Creative Pioneers 2012 - We live in a fast-changing world, especially in the creative and digital media industries. 

We need to find the Creative Pioneers of the future to make sure we continue to lead the way.

Creative Pioneers are offering:

* 300 opportunities of work in the form of internships and apprenticeships across 100 creative and digital media companies;

* additional support options for those with a business idea;

* three categories of entry: Can-Do, Can-Code, Can-Start (each with a slightly different opportunity);

* a September 2012 start date for apprenticeships/internships/business support

The deadline for applying is noon on Friday, April 27, so don’t delay.

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