Tories have done nothing about soaring energy prices

Stephen Hepburn column.
Stephen Hepburn column.

IT’S disgraceful that energy bills have gone up by an average of £300 since the Tories came to power, while energy companies’ profits have shot up.

Working people are now £1,600 worse off under the Tories, and over the past four years David Cameron has done nothing to help people struggling to meet the rising cost of their energy bills.

Instead, he refuses to stand up to the big energy companies as he always puts the privileged few before hard-working families.

Recently in Parliament, I raised the issue of rising energy bills and called on the Government to do more to help those struggling to meet the rising costs.

A new Labour government will freeze energy prices for two years while tackling the fixed market by breaking up the big six energy companies.

You may have heard recently that one energy company, SSE, announced a price freeze for its customers.

Although the price freeze for SSE customers is very much welcome, people who have other energy suppliers also need action now.

A full price freeze will only happen with a Labour Government – because we understand the pressures ordinary hard-working people face.