Tories’ obsession with Europe continues

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This week, the Tories’ obsession with Europe was on show again – as it has been for much of the past two decades.

When David Cameron became Tory leader, he complained that his party had spent too long “banging on about Europe”. They still are.

Instead of standing up for Britain’s interests, David Cameron is trying to placate his own party.

Even his Cabinet is split over whether Britain should be in or out of the EU.

His failure to lead means that he is now allowing Britain to sleepwalk towards exit.

He is ignoring warnings from business and from our allies both in Europe and across the Atlantic.

We all know the EU needs to change.

Labour is clear that Europe’s priority should be jobs and growth.

That’s why we’ve argued for the EU budget to be reformed. We want the Common Agricultural Policy reformed, to stop waste.

We want the Government to stop blocking the spending of European money on the areas of Britain that need it.

And we want a new Growth Commissioner who can ensure that everything the EU does is focused on helping our economy.

Britain needs reform in Europe, not exit from it. Labour’s priority is to promote growth at home and secure influence abroad.

David Cameron is doing neither.

He has spent six months preparing a speech to create five years of uncertainty for Britain.

When it comes to Europe, it is the same old Tories: a divided party, and a weak Prime Minister.