We’re being fleeced by ‘big six’ energy firms

Stephen Hepburn column
Stephen Hepburn column

Recently, we have learned that yet even more rises to our energy bills are on the way.

We used to own our energy until Thatcher privatised gas and electricity, and now it is owned by a tiny group of six, mostly foreign-owned, monolithic companies.

Already three energy suppliers have announced price rises of up to 10 per cent, with the other three planning further rises in the coming weeks.

The Tories patronisingly tell the poor to switch suppliers.

But the big six own almost 100 per cent of the market.

We all need gas and electric to heat our homes, so we are being held to ransom.

In other words, pay up or turn your heating off. Sadly, that is what a lot of people will be forced to do this winter.

Energy bills have risen by an average £300 since David Cameron became Prime Minister, while energy companies’ profits have shot up.

A new Labour government will freeze energy prices for two years while tackling the fixed market by breaking up the big six energy firms.

We are on the side of the families who are being fleeced.