Our lane is going to crack and ruin

COUNCILLORS are backing campaigning residents being driven potty by the poor state of their back lane.

People in Ewart Crescent, Simonside, South Shields, say potholes in the road have been a hazard for several years.

Now Bede ward councillors Tom Hanson and Arthur Meeks have backed the residents' fight.

The councillors are demanding that repairs are carried out before bad weather sets in and causes even more damage to the road surface.

They are pressing council transport officials for urgent action.

Coun Meeks said: "The residents are very angry about the state of the road – and I don't blame them.

"It's an absolute disgrace, with very large potholes making it extremely difficult to drive along, for fear of damaging your car.

"People have reported the problem several times over the past few years, and I believe if the potholes had been repaired, then they wouldn't have got into the terrible state they are in now."

One resident told the Gazette: "These potholes haven't just been caused by the last year's bad winter – they have been like this for years.

"How my tyres have remained intact is nothing short of a miracle."

Coun Hanson said: "We have had discussions with the highways maintenance team and know there has been a huge problem with potholes this year because of the severe winter weather.

"While we appreciate that they are doing their best and have to prioritise repairs for really busy roads, we are urging them to look at this problem before this access lane becomes completely impassable."

There are numerous pothole problems across South Tyneside after last winter's sub-zero temperatures saw water infiltrating tarmac, which froze and then expanded, causing damage to road surfaces.

A council spokesman has confirmed there was a "steep rise in the number of potholes on the borough's roads" because of the severe winter.

The spokesman added: "We are doing our best to respond to each one, but as we have a fixed annual budget with which to carry out highways maintenance, we have to prioritise repairs."

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