'Our unborn baby looks like Michael Jackson!'

IT'S black, it's white – and it's the double of King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Mum and dad-to-be Dawn Kelley and William Hickman, from Sunderland, couldn't believe their eyes when looking at this scan of their unborn baby – seeing the face of Jacko staring back at them.

William, 29, a window cleaner, said: "When I saw it, I showed my daughter Ami, who's six, and she saw it straight away, so I thought 'well if she can see it too, it's not just me'."

Mum-of-six Dawn, 34, went for her 20-week scan at Sunderland Royal as normal last month, but doctors could not see the foetus's stomach or diaphragm.

She was later sent to Grindon Lane walk-in centre for a closer look.

The more powerful scanner there is normally used to examine internal organs so the photos it produces are much more detailed.

Mr Hickman, from Tanfield Road, Thorney Close, said: "We were looking at the pictures again, and I just saw Jacko there with his sunglasses on, and his hair."

Their children, Chris, 16, Amanda, 15, Jason, 13, Alisha, 10, Ami-Lee, six, and Kye, four, all see the famous singer's face in the scan photo too.

But the baby will not be called Michael – the couple know they're having a girl.

Ms Kelley, who is 24 weeks' pregnant, due in March, said: "I've had plenty of scans before and none of the photos have ever looked like this. It's a bit spooky.

"But it is my seventh child, and seven is a mythical number."

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