Parishioners urged to flock back to church

CHURCH leaders in South Tyneside are urging people not to abandon their faith.

Tomorrow, UK churches will take part in a service to encourage worshippers to "come back to church", including many in South Tyneside.

Churches in the borough taking part include St John's in Hebburn, St Nicholas in Hedworth, and All Saints in Cleadon.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams said: "The desire for God is undimmed in Britain.

"This country has not turned its back on God or spiritual things. And the Church of England is here for the whole nation: we are a spiritual home on every street corner.

"Our 16,000 churches are places of peace, simple ceremony and friendship.

"In fact, many more people would come if they knew they were invited – so I'm inviting you."