Rich get tax breaks while ordinary folk struggle

Stephen Hepburn column.

Stephen Hepburn column.

After four years of this dreadful Tory-led Government most people are worse off, working harder, for less.

And yet, instead of dealing with that here we have a Prime Minister who has already given millionaires a tax cut worth £100,000, and now he wants to give them another one.

This is a man who can only govern for the few, not the many.

David Cameron and George Osborne have refused to rule out further tax cuts to the richest one per cent of taxpayers – a kick in the teeth for most of us struggling with the rising cost of living.

Labour has been clear that when the deficit is high and ordinary families are struggling to make ends meet, it simply can’t be right to give the richest people in the country a massive tax cut.

The next Labour government will create a fairer tax system, ensuring that everybody plays their part in getting the deficit down.

That is why we will reverse Cameron and Osborne’s tax cut for millionaires and re-introduce the 50p tax rate for those earning more than £150,000 to get the deficit down in a fairer way.

We would bring in a lower 10p starting rate of tax, to help make work pay and cut taxes for 24million people on middle and lower incomes.

We will also crack down on tax avoidance and reverse the Government’s out-of-touch tax cuts to hedge funds.

Cutting tax for the top one per cent won’t help reduce the deficit and it’s deeply unfair.

The Tories simply don’t understand what people in this area are going through, which is why they gave a tax cut to millionaires and have refused to rule out more!

Labour will get the deficit down in a fairer way and asking those with the broadest shoulders to bear a greater share of the burden!




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