School closed amid flooding fears

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A SOUTH Tyneside school closed at lunchtime amid fears that it would be flooded.

Whitburn C of E Primary School in Cleadon Lane closed at 1pm, as the pond in Cleadon Village threatened to overflow and a water pipe burst, causing flooding in the area.

A spokeswoman at the school said: “The pond looked ready to overflow and then water was shooting up from the burst pipe.

“Naturally the parents were worried about the safety of their children and came in after lunchtime. It was then decided the school should close.

“We don’t know yet whether the school will re-open tomorrow, we will just have to wait and see if it stops raining.”

Another school, St Mary’s RC VA Primary in Jarrow, was closed due to a heating problem.

It is expected to re-open on Wednesday. The nursery is unaffected and will remain open.