Seven-day catch-up: April 16-20

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WELCOME to our regular Sunday morning round-up of the stories that have been making the news in South Tyneside this week...

We started the week on Monday by bringing you a happy ending to a sad story.

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Dave Farnham had featured in the Gazette the previous week after yobs trashed his wheelchair.

After reading the story, a complete stranger gave him a reason to be cheerful. Read why here.

We also told how South Shields couple Stephen and Claire Gallagher sowed the seeds for a business idea with a difference on a visit to South Marine Park in South Shields.

Follow this link to see what their not-so-birdbrained idea was all about.

On Tuesday, we told how vandalism and anti-social behaviour at Jarrow Cemetery has become such a problem that South Tyneside Council is considering spending £11,000 on CCTV.

Click here to read the full story.

We also reported on a row which erupted over the refusal of South Tyneside Council’s chief executive to meet campaigners who claim they have an idea which would save the authority £300,000 a year.

Read all about it here - and register as a user of our website to leave your comments.

There was good news for South Shields form Ford Aerospace on Wednesday when it won a £550,000 contract to make part for the multi-billion pound Airbus A350 XWB project.

Read this rare positive news on the jobs front by following this link.

The news was less good for South Shields Football Club, who could find themselves homeless at the end of the season after being given notice to quit their Filtrona Park home by its owner.

Read the latest developments in the long-running saga here.

On Thursday, we reported how workers at the new BT centre on South Shields riverside are causing a storm by indiscriminate parking.

The story prompted lots of comments from readers - see what’s got under their collar and add your views here.

Joe McElderry flew the flag for South Tyneside in The X Factor - and now he’s doing the same for the Queen in the run-up to the Jubilee.

Click here to find what the Popstar to Operastar winner is doing - and watch the video too.

Finally, have you seen the great array of columnists we’ve got writing for us these days?

Read about Jamie Diffley’s Growing Pains as the father of two young boys here.

Try Keith Newbery and his outspoken views on political matters here

And catch up with Kelly’s Eye, where Terry Kelly offers his wry observations on life, here.

Go For It! With award-winning young entrepreneur Grant Ridley.

We hope you’ve found something you like in this catch-up. Join us again next week!