South Shields OAP’s danger paving warning after fall

INJURED ... Glenda Armstrong had a fall due to an unstable kerb stone.
INJURED ... Glenda Armstrong had a fall due to an unstable kerb stone.

A PENSIONER who took a nasty tumble when her zimmer frame became lodged in an unstable paving stone, has warned other pedestrians to approach the accident spot with caution.

Glenda Armstrong, 82, underwent an X-ray at South Tyneside District Hospital after the incident on the corner of Westoe Avenue and Horsley Hill Road, in South Shields.

She sustained bruising to her arm and says her mobility since the accident, six weeks ago, has deteriorated significantly.

Glenda, of Highfield Gardens, South Shields, has called on the support of town MP Emma Lewell-Buck – who has contacted the local authority on her behalf to raise safety concerns.

Now, the pensioner has warned others to be wary of the accident spot.

She said: “I was black and blue after the accident. I was on the way to Chichester Metro station at the time, I was ready to cross, when the wheel on my zimmer frame became caught on the kerb, which was jutting out.

“The next thing I know I am on the ground in a heap. Luckily, two men were passing and they pulled me up. I’d like to thank them for their kindness.

“I managed to make my way home in pain, and when I went to my GP he sent me for an X-ray.

“Thankfully, nothing was broken, but I now feel less mobile and more unsteady on my feet.

“That paving stone is a real danger to any pedestrian, no matter what their age.

“I’d ask anyone crossing that road to approach it with caution”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “This matter has been referred to our insurers who are awaiting further information from Mrs Armstrong, so that an investigation can be commenced.”

Last month, transport bosses at Nexus fixed a hazardous pavement in South Tyneside hours after an elderly woman tripped and injured her face.

Two unstable paving stones in the tunnel underneath South Shields Metro Station, off King Street, had been causing passers-by to stumble.

One woman, thought to be in her seventies, fell and hit her face off the ground.

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