South Tyneside team gets pumped up in new kit

GRATEFUL TO GRUNDFOS & the Vigilant FC team in their strips.

GRATEFUL TO GRUNDFOS & the Vigilant FC team in their strips.

A SOUTH Shields pub football team is primed for success after getting some cash help from a North East pump manufacturer.

Vigilant FC team captain Darren Wann works at Grundfos and used the firm’s employee scheme to get two grants to help his side, which is sponsored by the pub, in Sunderland Road, Harton.

The Sponsorship Fund run by the Wearside-based pump manufacturer is open to all employees to apply and is always oversubscribed. Up to £10,000 is given to community groups annually.

Engineer Darren, 26, has worked for Grundfos for four years and the team has received grants from the fund for the past two.

He said: “It’s a great scheme that has really helped Vigilant FC.

“The first grant was for £650 and we used it to buy new strips, which have the Grundfos logo on. The money we received in the second year, about £1,000, has been spent on jackets, footballs, goals, nets and corner flags.

“The team has really appreciated the help.”

The fund is run by Janette Ede, health and safety manager.

She said “It’s easy to apply and many employees do. They just tell us what they want to do, show us the costings, then we look through and make a decision.

“We can help any sort of community group, but they must, in return, raise money for our chosen charities, Cancer Research and the Alzheimer’s Society. Half of the money raised goes to those charities and the other is given back to the community group, so they win again. We don’t specify how much money they have to raise.”

She added: “Darren is a perfect example of how well the scheme can work.

“He does loads of charity work to raise funds for the charities and over the two years has actually given more to the charities than we donated to him in the first place.”

Michael Sybenga, manager of Vigilant FC, said: “We’ve been going for a number of years and had always struggled to buy the basics.

“These wonderful grants from Grundfos have meant that for the first time we have all the kit and equipment we need. I and the team really appreciate the help.”

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