Spirit of Dad’s Army lives on as museum celebrates Home Guard

HOME GUARD DAY ... John Sadler at Bede's World.

HOME GUARD DAY ... John Sadler at Bede's World.

THE wartime spirit of Dad’s Army will be evoked during a nostalgic event in Jarrow.

Home Guard Day will be staged at Bede’s World, in Church Bank, on Sunday.

Marking 70 years from D-Day and the disbanding of the Home Guard, visitors to the museum will travel back in time to the days of Captain Mainwaring and his brave band of Home Guard wartime volunteers, at Walmington-on-Sea.

The Jarrow version of the Home Guard will include a full alert, authentic uniforms, weapons and kit, plus alarms and searches for enemy soldiers.

Military historian and author John Sadler, who is both operations director and volunteer co-ordinator at Bede’s World, said: “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the standing down of the Home Guard and we aim to recreate those times, using the museum farm as a backdrop.

“Essentially, we will have the Jarrow version of the Home Guard taking over the site. There will be drill sessions, radio wireless activities and much more.

“The day will include looking for German spies and searching for femmes fatale.

“There will be about a dozen people in period costumes and we will encourage visitors to dress up, take part in the activities and get into the spirit of the Home Guard.”

A Bede’s World spokesman jokingly described Jarrow Home Guard as “fine a body of men as ever filled the public houses of South Tyneside, ready at a moment’s notice to do their bit and guard the Tyne against the invader.

“Just who does Mr Hitler think he’s kidding?”

For more details about Home Guard Day, between 10am and 4.30pm on Sunday, call Bede’s World on 489 2106 or visit www.bedesworld.co.uk.

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