Teenager has the chop in memory of her dad

AIMING HIGH ... Lucy Searcey, 16, of West Harton, South Shields, had her hair cut for the Little Princess Foundation.

AIMING HIGH ... Lucy Searcey, 16, of West Harton, South Shields, had her hair cut for the Little Princess Foundation.

A TEENAGER made a big sacrifice in honour of her father.

Lucy Searcey, from Green Lane, West Harton, had 14 inches chopped off her long brown locks to donate to the Little Princess Trust, in memory of Brian Searcey, who died of cancer in January 2013.

The 63-year-old was diagnosed as having the disease in September 2012, but died last year without knowing exactly which type he was suffering from.

Mr Searcey’s death had a huge effect on Lucy, who also nearly lost her mother, Helen Searcey, 55, when she suffered a stroke in 2004, when Lucy was only six years old.

The 16-year-old Mortimer Community College pupil, who donated her hair to make a wig for young girls going through cancer treatment, said her father would have been proud of her brave feat.

“He would have said I was crazy,” she said. “But he would have been proud of me, and would have helped.

“I was nervous leading up to it, but I have been planning it for about six months so every time I got nervous I just remembered why I was doing it.”

Lucy had her locks chopped off during a fundraising event at The County pub, in Sunderland Road, South Shields, before having the last of her hair shaved later in the day.

Her efforts have also raised £415 for the charity, with money still being counted. Older sister Leanne Hopper, of South Shields, said she is proud of her little sister.

She said: “She is just so brave to have gone through what she has gone through in her 16 years.

“Living with nearly losing her mum and to have lost her father, but to still do this for others, is selfless.”

Budding thespian, Lucy, who took on the role of a T Bird in a school production of Grease last night, is now hoping to do more for charity.

In August, the kind-hearted teen, who wants to work with animals, is going on a National Citizen Service residential visit, and will undertake two weeks of charity work as part of that.

She said: “I think now that I have some experience I will be able to do the charity work a lot better.”

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