‘Tragic Grant will be looking over our unborn baby’

TRAGIC ... Sharna Gardner with boyfriend Grant Adams.
TRAGIC ... Sharna Gardner with boyfriend Grant Adams.

A GRIEVING mum-to-be has spoken of her heartache that her boyfriend will never meet their unborn child.

Sharna Gardner faces bringing up her baby girl alone after the death of her partner Grant Adams.

The 15-year-old, from The Ridgeway, Cleadon Park, South Shields, is seven months’ pregnant with their daughter, who they’ve already named Rhkiya Mae.

She said: “It’s heartbreaking to think my daughter will never get to see her dad because of one accident.

“It’s breaking my heart that she will never get the chance to meet him, even though I know he will be looking over her.”

Sharna, a pupil at South Shields Community School, had left Grant’s house on Sunday shortly before the tragedy happened.

The teenager found out he’d been badly injured when police officers called at her home.

She “I found out when the police knocked at my door and woke me up. They just told me he’d had an accident.

“He had just bought his car, and I thought he must have had an accident in that.

“They said he had fallen down the stairs. I didn’t think it was serious, but when I found out how bad it was, I still had hopes for him.

“When I found out he had suffered brain damage, it broke my heart, but I still had hopes.

“Then I found out he was dead. I would never have expected that to happen. I would never have expected Grant to have died.”

Sharna says she now wishes she’d never left her boyfriend on that fateful morning.

She said: “I just wish I hadn’t left him on the Sunday morning. I’d stayed there on the Saturday night and left early on the Sunday morning. I rang him at eight and he was fine.

“He was the kindest boy ever. He would have done anything for anybody. I’m just in shock. I don’t want to accept it, really”

Grant’s mother, Amanda Smedley, said she wants to thank people for the kindness they have shown the family since the tragedy.

The 39-year-old, who lived with her son, said: “I would like to thank everyone who has sent cards and flowers and left messages. It’s very kind.”