Tributes flood in to victim of freak sunbed accident

TRAGIC DAD-TO-BE ... Grant Adams died in a freak accident.
TRAGIC DAD-TO-BE ... Grant Adams died in a freak accident.

SCORES of friends and loved ones have taken to Grant Adams’ Facebook page to express their shock and sympathy after his tragic death.

Danny Lythgoe said: “Absolutely devastated, man, known you since we were four years old, went to nursery with you, had so many memories!

“Been my longest and most trustworthy mate I’ve had, could depend on you for anything.”

Michael Elliot said: “RIP Grant Adams, such a nice lad, thoughts are with your friends and family, and to everyone who knew you.”

Nikkii Rogerss added: “Still doesn’t seem real that you have been taken far too young – you had your whole life ahead of you and your little family to look forward to.”

Glenn Fyall said: “I think you’ve showed everyone how precious life is, and that the meaning of it is not something to brush off, we need to appreciate life and make it the best we can.

“I think it’s fair to say every single one of your friends and family is heartbroken that you’re not here, but hopefully we will all see you again one day.”

Shannon McKeith said: “We all know you tried your hardest to fight through this, but at the end you just got tired, you done us all proud fighting as long as you did Grant!

“Heartbroken just doesn’t seem real! Fly high! We all know you will be looking down on us!

“You’re going to get the biggest send off, the one you deserve! Brightest star in the sky. Sleep tight, angel.”

Jakey Abbott said: “RIP Grant Adams, respect goes out to your family, friends, girlfriend and your baby daughter they will all be very proud to have known you.”

Ashley Clayton: “Can’t get my head around that someone you’ve known all your life can just go just like that.

“Going to be a big miss, Grant Adams, you would have been an amazing dad heart goes out to your family.”

Paige Mart said: “Rest in peace Grant yet another young person taken. Your daughter will be proud to know she had such a strong dad.”

Chloe Megan Dingwall said: “Can’t believe it! Rip Grant Adams you’ll be sadly missed, still in shock! Thoughts are going out to all your family.”