U.S. role for David Miliband?

SOUTH Shields MP David Miliband could be US-bound.

The former foreign secretary is being touted for the post of British ambassador to Washington, according to reports in the national press.

Mr Miliband forged a good relationship with US secretary of state Hillary Clinton when he was foreign secretary and, as US ambassador, observers believe he would be a voice trusted by the Obama administration.

But if he was offered the post it could lead to problems within the Labour Party – with the ambassador appointed by the UK Tory-led government.

Mr Miliband is still recovering from being beaten to the Labour leadership by his brother Ed.

And according to reports, his relationship with his younger sibling is merely "cordial", with the pair apparently not spending Christmas together.

However, former cabinet colleagues who have spoken to Mr Miliband are said to have found him wary of taking the job, partly because he fears he would just be a message carrier from the British government to the US.

However, some senior coalition members would like to see him taken out of Westminster – removing what they still regard as the most dangerous political threat to the coalition from inside the Labour Party.

Although relations between the two Miliband families are reportedly cool, Ed is still said to be hoping his brother will be willing to work for him in the shadow cabinet at some point in the future.

Mr Miliband was unavailable for comment today.