VIDEO: Vote of confidence for MP’s local accent

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SOUTH Shields constituents have rushed to support the town’s MP Emma Lewell-Buck over claims she has been bullied by Tory MPs over her North-East accent.

JACK BERRY, 67, chairman of the Royal British Legion Club in Queen Street, South Shields, said: “People should not bully other people over their accent. Emma Lewell-Buck is doing a grand job.”

ELEANOR MOORE, 87, from South Shields, said: “Everywhere I go, including abroad, people always want to speak to me and hear a few words because of the accent.”

TERRY THOMPSON, 58, from South Shields, added: “I think it’s out of order to criticise her accent. It does set a really bad example.”

VICKI CAVENER, 23, from South Shields, added: When my boyfriend sent off for his passport we had some trouble getting it. When we got in touch with Emma, we got it within two days.”

CHARLOTTE-ANNE GREGORY, 83, said: “I think it’s wrong. She should be judged on the job she is doing.”




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