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Letter of the week: South Tyneside District Hospital has shown no regard for the people it allegedly serves

I note from the news that once again South Tyneside District Hospital (STDH) has shown absolutely no regard for the people it allegedly serves in keeping various body parts of deceased patients without the knowledge – let alone the consent – of the bereaved relatives.
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Hebburn and Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn at a previous Save South Tyneside Hospital rally

MPs spell out fears over South Tyneside Hospital future

South Tyneside’s two MPs have hit out at proposed changes to hospital services as consultations continue into the future of health care provision in the borough.

Queues on the A19 following an accident.

Letter of the week: 'Majority of A19 accidents are down to driver ignorance'

I’m writing in response to the petition to improve the A19, backed by various MPs and other parties.

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Westoe Road in South Shields town centre. Our writer fears cyclists using the road need to "wake up before its too late".

Letter of the week: South Shields cyclists ‘race recklessly’ around the town

Once again I feel I should comment on the ever growing nuisance of badly behaved cyclists in our town and the problem is worsening by the day.

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Our writer thinks The Word is a waste of space.

Letter of the week: 'South Shields's new Word library is a waste of space'

So Gary Craig, chairman of South Tyneside Business Forum, thinks if I can’t say anything nice about South Shields I shouldn’t say anything at all (July 26).
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Our writer believes something should be done about seagulls.

Letter of the week: Time something was done about South Shields seagulls

I disagree with comments by Tom Bradbury about seagulls. He has obviously not been on the receiving end of a gull attack.

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Traffic is reduced to one lane in either direction during the lengthy roadworks.

Letter of the week: Let's hope Lindisfarne roundabout improvements will end traffic delays

Now that the roadworks at the bottom of the John Reid Road and Lindisfarne roundabout are nearly complete, it has been a delight to see recently how easily traffic has been flowing with the lights ‘off’ – especially at the bottom of John Reid Road. ​

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Resident Ali Hayder near a pothole in Bedford Avenue, Laygate, South Shields.

Letter of the week: Every sympathy with South Shields residents living near 'dangerous' potholes

Re the residents call to fix "dangerous" potholes in Bedford Avenue, Laygate, South Shields (June 27).

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Drinkers enjoy a smoke before at the Holborn Rose and Crown, in South Shields, just before the ban was introduced in 2007.

Shields Gazette letter of the week: Smoking ban has cured one problem while creating another

So it is 10 years since a law was introduced to ban smoking in public buildings and the majority of us think it was the right thing to do.
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Our writer does not feel that Seb Larsson, second left, is worth another deal.

Letter of the week: Sunderland fans should find something else to spend their hard-earned wages on

I read that O’Shea and Laarson are to be offered new contracts to provide continuity.

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The junction of Anderson Street and Beach Road, South Shields, near the scene of a fatality earlier this year. Our writer feels motorists in the area heading from Ocean Road are driving too fast.

Letter of the week: Speeding South Shields motorists need common sense and driving lessons

After the tragic accident on Anderson Street recently, its disgusting that motorists driving from Ocean Road up here still drive excessively fast and completely ignore the give way signs on the roundabout.

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Jeremy Corbyn looks pleased on the morning after the General Election.

Letter of the week: Labour has shown 'it can survive, regroup and become a force for the future'

Well it’s over, and I’m still trying to get my breath back.

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Our writer displays a rare shred of sympathy for departed Sunderland boss David Moyes.

Letter of the week: 'Best of luck, David Moyes - you are better off out of Sunderland'

So, another manager leaves the Stadium of Light. with the fans condemnation ringing in his ears.

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LS Lowry's River Scene. Our writer was not impressed by a South Shields exhibition celebrating the painter's links with the town.

Letter of the week: South Shields Lowry exhibition was no draw

On reading the excellent article in the Gazette, May 3 pertaining to the L. S. Lowry exhibition on display at the South Shields Museum and Art Gallery, celebrating 130 years since the birth of the celebrated artist who was inspired by striking landscapes of SouthTyneside and Sunderland, one visited the said Museum and Art Gallery.

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Our writer believes dog bags should be sold inside every shop selling dog food to increase the possibility of owners cleaning up after their pets.

Letter of the week: South Shields dog owners need to do the decent thing - and so do the shops

I hope the person who let their dog mess outside the entrance to Mowbray Road Park in South Shields, May 5, without clearing it up, some time in the future slips on someone else's dog’s mess and lands flat on their back.

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Sunderland just are not meant to be successful, says our letter writer.

Letter of the week: Even Barcelona's boss and his squad could not make Sunderland successful

Now that the inevitable has happened, perhaps it is time to realise, as have I, that Sunderland Football Club is not meant to be successful.

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Rafa Benitez could teach South Tyneside youngsters a thing or two, claims our writer.

Letter of the week: Rafa Benitez can teach South Tyneside youngsters lessons about more than just football

I bet many of you didn’t know that Rafa Benitez was a keen chess player.

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Our writer believes South Shields's pavements need more protection from gentlemen such as these in our flashback picture from the town's Redwell Lane.

Letter of the week: Council is failing to keep South Shields's pavements up to standard

As a person who was born and bred in South Shields, I have often criticised the slow demise of the town, especially the town centre, which is the domain of the council.

Our letter writer was not impressed by his recent visit to Middlefields waste tip.

Letter of the week: Queues at South Shields waste tip may only encourage fly-tipping

I am lucky enough to own a car.

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