Belief has been denigrated


THE Prime Minister only has to praise Christianity and all hell breaks loose from the Atheist lobby.

These unelected people belong to a small group of malcontents masquerading over their front organisations, the British Humanist Association and the National Secular Society. We even have the more extreme New Humanists.

Humanists were invented by Christians, and it is not as comfy as the people who belong to it.

This tightly-knit group of politically-motivated people have denigrated the people’s beliefs since the 1960s.

All they offer is a self-obsessed culture of hedonism and negativity.

Their strident intolerance is creating division among other faiths in our land since the ignorant think it is they (the minorities) who do down Christianity, when in fact it is the posh pagans and crackpot Fabians who create barbarism and call it civilisation.

These humanists speak only for themselves, whether desiccated academies or power-crazed scientists. They speak only for themselves.

Mr G Wilson,

Stanhope Road,

South Shields.