Change is up the voters

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It would be difficult to challenge the views of your correspondent, Jack Wiffin, in his letter about the demise of South Shields.

He is unarguably correct. However, one has to accept that the democratic principles in place continue to give the incumbent rulers their untouchable, lucrative positions and have done continuously since 1974.

That’s right,42 years.

Whether they award themselves a 1%, a 10%, or a 100% increase would appear to make not a jot of difference.

Jack’s question whether these local Labour Party members are in office for this town or their own pockets should be answered by them.

Three councillors per ward in this age of computer technology is a joke.

At a time when the House of Commons is to reduce it’s MPs by no less than 60, wouldn’t it be a blessing for hard-pressed Joe Public to see a reduction in elected members in the Town Hall?

In the meantime the electorate will have to vote them out of office.

We can but hope.

George Wilkinson