Circuses are cruel places

I WRITE in reply to Carl Defoe's letter (Gazette, January 19) regarding circus animals.

With the greatest of respect, how can you love something then take it away from its natural environment and force it to perform for your profit?

The very nature of circuses involves travel and confinement, both of which traumatise animals. Even the domestic cat doesn't like being put in a box and whisked off to the vet by car.

As well as this, the animals are then forced to perform unnatural and degrading tricks which are alien to their very being. All animals, wild and domestic, suffer in circuses.

Regardless of how circus animals are treated, it is morally wrong to hold any animal in confinement.

There have been many documented cases of severe animal abuse in circuses, although there is no current legislation to protect them.

If Mr Defoe thinks this is morally right, should we bring back the freak shows? Was that entertainment?

I agree with Mr Defoe that we need to protect endangered species, but as long as we continue to strip away the rainforests to make room for land on which we then graze cattle for us to eat, they are all doomed.

No animal on this planet should be used for entertainment, fashion, food, sport or experiments. It is morally wrong.

Animals should be treated with the respect they rightly deserve and should be left alone to live their very complex lives in peace away from human greed and profit.

When our great, great grandchildren say 'Did we really do all of those awful things to animals? What did you do to stop it?' what will your answer be?

Simone Smith,

People's Voice For Animals,

South Shields.