Don’t privatise Royal Mail

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GAZETTE readers will have seen a recent letter from the Royal Mail on privatisation and share issue.

My members voted by more than 96 per cent in a recent ballot against these proposals.

More people are becoming aware, and there is growing public and political opposition to the sale.

Privatising a company like Royal Mail, with more than 400 years of heritage tradition, and public service, is fundamentally wrong and unnecessary.

The Government and Royal Mail board are deliberately framing this debate as though the company is about to fall off the edge of a cliff, and can only be saved by private investment. This is total nonsense – the company has increased its profits by 60 percent to more than £400m, the workforce are embracing modernisation.

There are alternative social business models that can secure investment without adding to government debt or competing with the NHS.

The truth is that privatisation is being driven by vested interest and a desire for short-term gain. It is pure political dogma .

Ralph Heron,

Union secretary,

South Shields sorting office