Festive shooting fair game

IT comes as no surprise to see Animal Aid exploiting the festive season to engage in campaigning against game shooting (‘No pleasure in game’, Have Your Say, Gazette, Tuesday).

But readers need to be aware that it is not a registered charity, but a hard-core animal rights group based down south.

The claims it makes should not be taken at face value.

Compared with other meats, wild game is low in fats and entirely natural, representing a healthy option to intensively reared products.

Game shooting supports a host of jobs in the North East, and plays an important role in managing the countryside for wider conservation benefit.

These benefits have been measured in peer-reviewed science and have been accepted as fact by successive government and their conservation advisers.

Anybody who wished to find out more about game meat is welcome to visit our website, www.basctasteofgame.org.uk

Alasdair Mitchell,

regional director (Northern),

British Association for Shooting and Conservation