Game good for you here

I REFER to the letter ‘No pleasure in game (Gazette, Tuesday, November 27), about the dangers of eating game meat containing lead shot.

I’ve eaten game regularly for the last 25 years, and my doctor will confirm it has not been detrimental to my health in any way.

Although the meat I eat has been shot, it rarely contains any lead pellets.

If any pellets are present, they are easily removed prior to cooking.

A report from the European Food Safety Authority has shown that pound for pound, chocolate contains more lead than pheasant.

The main sources of lead in food are cereals and potatoes.

There seems to be a problem with whatever you eat, but I know game meat tastes good, is nutritious and is low in fat, so I will continue to eat it.

Philip Proctor,

Blaydon on Tyne.