Keep this cruelty illegal

NEW polling released by the League Against Cruel Sports shows that support for the Hunting Act is stronger than ever, with figures confirming that the public most certainly do not want a return to cruelty.

Despite what the pro hunting lobby would like us to believe, hunting is not more popular now than before the ban.

The figures speak for themselves when it comes to the public's disgust at the thought of turning the clocks back.

Seventy five per cent of people think fox hunting should remain illegal, while 84 and 85 per cent respectively do not want to see deer hunting and hare hunting (or coursing) made legal again in this country – all of which would be, should the Hunting Act be repealed.

As we approach the election, it is vital voters make all prospective candidates aware of the strength of feeling on this matter, in order to keep cruelty history.


Douglas Batchelor,

Chief executive,

League Against Cruel Sports,

New Sparling House,