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David Cameron has now left his role as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party.

e has undoubtedly been one of Britain’s finest Prime Ministers, perhaps our best Prime Minister since Mrs Thatcher.

Mr Cameron took to office in 2010, where he inherited disastrous amounts of debt left by the Labour government, he encountered a budget deficit that no Prime Minister had to deal with before – our nation was simply on the brink.

However, with good sensible economic policies our country is far from the one we once were in 2010.

Today, the UK can boast that unemployment has fallen significantly with more people in work than ever before.

The deficit is down and continues to fall.

Additionally, there are now more small business and apprentices, thanks to the rescue of our economy.

Of course, the rescue of the economy isn’t the only success of the Cameron premiership.

From day one David Cameron set out to deliever a compassionate ‘One Nation’ Conservative agenda and he has done just that.

We now contribute 0.7% of our GDP to foreign aid, a massive achievement, helping some of the most vulnerable in the world.

Right to Buy, giving people the chance to own a home of their own, whilst cutting taxes for the poorest in society and giving them a pay rise with the National Living wage.

However, nothing more so epitomises David Cameron’s compassionate One Nation ideology than when marriage equality was passed in 2013, giving people the chance to marry whom they love.

We now enter an era where for the second time the Conservatives have delivered a female Prime Minister in Theresa May, but, one thing is for certain David Cameron was a truly fantastic Prime Minister and will be greatly missed.

Sam Prior