Must take back control

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Having listened to Question Time discussing the in or out debate, we need to get back some common sense.

We are a thriving country with a good work ethic, and a democratic system of laws. We thrive on hard work, a decent wage and a good educational and an NHS system.

Why pay billions to a foreign body who tell us we have to take thousands of immigrants into our country, clothe, feed and house them and pay the EU for instructing us to do so?

I’m not an intellectual, or a politician, but I feel the vast majority of British residents do want to close the floodgates.

It may be too late for some already here, but shouldn’t we now have the right to say enough is enough, and the right to make our own rules as far as our society goes?

The world is better, I feel, outside of the EU.

I’m voting out.

Name withheld