Our roads are a disgrace

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I read about the council’s overspend in Monday’s Gazette and I must say the money hasn’t been spent on the roads in South Tyneside.

They are appalling. There are potholes everywhere. There is not one good road in South Shields. The stretch of Dean Road from Westoe to Chichester is particularly bad.

I’ve seen some workers doing botched jobs in some of the side streets but there has been no proper resurfacing work anywhere on major roads. Yet, they’ve spend goodness knows what on putting 20-mile per hour signs up on short streets running off Stanhope Road to Birchington Avenue, around the Mortimer Road area, which is a joke.

You can’t even get a car up to 20-mile an hour on these roads – I know because I’ve tried (for experimental purposes). They are too short, and have too many parked cars to get enough momentum going to reach 20-mile an hour, let alone go over that speed limit.

What a total waste of money this project was. Where did the money come from for that unnecessary work? It would have been far better spent on resurfacing a major road.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a spate of damaged car chassis – you need a 4X4 vehicle to drive through the streets these days.

Name withheld