Scourge of the ‘buccaneers’


DAVID Cameron, in his Lord Mayor’s banquet speech, called for ‘Capitalism’ lessons in schools. He called for a culture “that values that typical British, entrepreneurial, buccaneering spirit”. Well, Dave, you said a mouthful there.

 Capitalism, a system of society that lurches from one crisis to another, like a drunken man on a pub crawl. That puts profit before human need, or the fulfilment of the same. That condemns at least two billion people, one third of the world’s population, to live in the vilest of conditions, without even clean water, sanitation, or sufficient food for adequate survival. While at the same time, an infinitesimally small section of the world’s population live in such luxury as to make the fabled Solomon envious.

 Buccaneer, basically a pirate, an unscrupulous adventurer. Historically, one can understand the wealthy using these as ‘laudable’ examples. Did not the ruling elite make Franny Drake and Mr Raleigh Sirs?

 And they were no more nor less than pirates, or as they liked to be called, privateers. So now we know where your inspiration comes from, Dave!

 He went further, however. To us, the vast majority, he boldly said that austerity would drag on, when he stated “we need to do more with less. Permanently”.

 He wasn’t talking about himself and his wealthy mates either.

 None of the “We are in it together” garbage. Finally, Dave said Britain needed to, “support, reward and celebrate enterprise”.

 In 1987, as if calling on past capitalist crisis and presaging those yet to come, the RORO ferry, Herald of Free Enterprise capsized, killing 193 passengers and crew.

 This speech, another ‘Herald for’ free enterprise, will lead to even more suffering, as the austerity cuts bite. Ever more savagely and most assuredly, more deaths will follow.

 It is interesting to note, that in the same year as the Herald capsized, her sister ship, the Spirit of Free Enterprise was renamed the Pride of Kent.

 What chance then, of a rethink on the attack on ‘ordinary’ folk? What chance of workers organising to create a society based on ‘from each according to ability, to each according to need’. Now there’s an interesting thought!

Steve Colborn,

Ivy Avenue,