Shame on our council chiefs

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The demise of this town, South Shields is well documented as to the incompetence and futile decision making of the dominant Labour Party over many years.

Not only have we endured the loss of prestige retail outlets, so as to leave our once proud town a shambles, but when you look around the main thoroughfares in the town especially, the place is filthy with discarded litter and cigarette ends and often disgusting remnants of the previous nights revellers in shop doorways or alleyways.

The leaving of retail outlets is maybe mismanagement or excessive rents which hasn’t been monitored by our so called councillors, but there is no excuse for the cleanliness of the town,which is supposed to attract tourism and investment.

Yet this shabby council are proposing a one per cent pay rise for themselves, to be backdated to April, and a further one per cent next April.

The question begs to be asked, are these people in this for the good of the town, or in my opinion for the good of their pocket.

There have been hundreds of redundancies to the workforce made by the council, yet they have the affront to vote to award themselves a pay rise.

SHAME ON YOU. I suggest (once again) that a reduction of two councillors to a ward would be a step in the right direction, without even considering a pay rise.

Jack Wiffin

via email