There are worse eyesores

SHELTER ROW ... Norman Keenleyside.
SHELTER ROW ... Norman Keenleyside.

SO after losing a two-year planning dispute because it was built in green land, South Tyneside Council has shamefully ordered animal lover Norman Keenleyside to tear down the horse shelter he built to home his five Welsh Cobs and four Shetland ponies from winter weather, despite thousands of folk supporting the guy.

Methinks the little timber-panelled construction is hardly a new housing estate or for that matter a gypsy or traveller site (think West Pastures, West Boldon).

 Planning inspector Susan Wraith says: ‘In terms of siting design and material it is harmful to the appearance of the countryside’.

 Harmful to the appearance of the countryside, eh? What about the BT building being harmful to the appearance of the riverside, not to mention Haven Point being harmful to the appearance of the seaside?

 What next, Mr Keenleyside being ordered to turn his string of little equines loose on Cleadon Hills to save the council money on grass cutting?

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.