There's too much takeaway

HOW many more hot food takeaways are we going to allow in this small area of South Tyneside, more specifically in the Harton Ward?

Coun Jim Capstick and I have complained at planning meetings many times, and have received petitions at community area forums.

Areas within South Shields have become synonymous with being able to purchase Indian/Bengali food. Prince Edward Road in Harton now has an Indian restaurant/takeaway, Chinese takeaway, several fish and chip shops, a selection of delicatessens, all-day cafes, a few pizzeria shops and a plethora of outlets selling hot food to take away. Are we really going to allow another part of South Shields to become known as a place to get something to eat at all hours?

The residents of this area are sick and tired of the smells that emanate from these establishments, as well as noise from the vehicles and people patronising these premises going on until all hours. As a resident of the area, I have to say enough is enough. The balance of amenities on Prince Edward Road is steadily being eroded and we need to stem this decline as soon as possible.

Coun Lawrence Nolan,

Harton Ward.