Time to try veggie?

AFTER the lavish excesses of the festive season and with the coming year of austerity, you have probably considered making some New Year’s resolutions.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take steps towards a more compassionate, healthier and happier you.

And there’s no better way of doing it than by embracing an animal-free diet, which is kinder to the animals, your health and the environment – not to mention your purse!

Eating animal products is not essential for a healthy diet, so there’s no need to use, exploit and take the lives of sentient beings, especially when there’s a huge range of vegetarian and vegan alternatives widely available in high street shops and supermarkets.

In addition to saving animals’ lives, you could be improving your health too, as a large number of studies show that a balanced and varied 100 per cent plant-based diet is ideal for optimum health and lowers the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and other diet-related illnesses.So make 2012 the year that you choose to save lives.

Start today by sending for Animal Aid’s free Guide to Going Veggie or Vegan.

It includes delicious, easy recipes, nutritional advice, products to buy in the shops and tips for eating out.

Call Animal Aid on (01732) 364546 or visit www.govegan.org.uk

Kelly Slade,

campaigns officer,

Animal Aid.