We should stand up to UKIP’s prejudice

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

READER Jack Wiffin protests too much about the Farage mirage.

UKIP’s win comes on the shoulders of its bigging up and immigration scaremongering by the Tory press in order to pressurise Cameron over Europe.

UKIP should be faced down, not indulged.

Farage is not an outsider, but one of the establishment elite, with the permanent grin of a monkey.

Farage’s logic is like this: Romanians have a crime rate higher than the average, so all Romanians are criminals.

This is pre-judging – in other words, prejudice.

If you said this about black people the law would be on you.

We should stand up to the UKIP menace which is the respectable face of racism.

Only one third of people voted and only one quarter of them voted for UKIP.

If people voted for the National Front in France we go on about racism, but if people vote for UKIP we try to pretend it is different.  

Stand up to UKIP’s bullies now. Give them the whiff of opposition.

Mr G Smith,

Stanhope Road,

South Shields.